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You have the ability to control who see your data and when.

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Harken device Medical Tracking In Integrated Car Connected Heart Technology

Readers of Medgadget are well aware of non-invasive heart and respiratory rate monitoring, but the technology that’s been getting popular for clinical patient monitoring is now being used to detect when car drivers are getting drowsy. Researchers […]

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Benefits of Health IT

Until now, relatively few Americans have had the opportunity to use this kind of technology to enhance some of the most important relationships: those related to your health. Relationships with your doctors, your pharmacy, […]

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About Blue Button

About Blue Button

Do you want to feel more in control of your health and your personal health information? Do you have a health issue? Are you caring for an elderly parent? Are you changing […]

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HIPAA – Know Your Rights

Your Rights
As Americans, we each have the legal right to access our own health records held by doctors, hospitals and others who provide healthcare services for us. And we have the option of getting […]

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